Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) works to protect and restore the Commonwealth’s natural and built environments through collaboration, innovation, education and advocacy.

Grant funding from the Colcom Foundation has been instrumental in PEC’s efforts to develop trails and enhance connectivity throughout southwestern Pennsylvania and beyond, which in turn helps to create life-changing outdoor experiences that foster an ethic of stewardship among residents and visitors alike. Colcom’s support has sustained our partnership with PA DCNR and local stakeholders to advance land conservation, restoration and outdoor recreation in the ecologically important Laurel Highlands Conservation Landscape. By supporting PEC’s reforestation program, Colcom has played an integral role in re-establishing healthy native woodlands on reclaimed mining sites — delivering benefits to water quality, wildlife, carbon sequestration and expanded recreational access to public lands.  Colcom has also helped PEC to advance sound, bipartisan policy solutions for decarbonizing Pennsylvania’s electricity sector.

Tom Gilbert, President


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