Arts and Culture

Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, a non-profit arts organization, has worked to make the Steel City a place where the arts can flourish.

Colcom Foundation has been a strong partner, contributing significantly to the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s mission to develop one of the nation’s premier destinations, Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. Notably, Colcom sponsored the artist-designed bike racks on Penn Avenue, a precursor to the installation of bike lanes that have boosted the city’s bike infrastructure. In addition, Colcom has supported various impactful Pittsburgh Cultural Trust initiatives, including the Water Cube at 8th and Penn which reduces single-use plastic bottles, as well as projects like the Allegheny Riverfront Upper Park and the installation of dark-sky-compliant outdoor lighting to address nighttime light pollution. Colcom’s support has also played a role in redirecting tons of waste from landfills at the Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival by sponsoring a “Green Team” that separates compostable and recyclable materials. The Cultural Trust expresses its appreciation for Colcom Foundation in these endeavors and applauds its dedication to beautification and environmental protection.

Kendra Whitlock Ingram, President & CEO


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