Health and Human Services

Compassion & Choices improves care, expands options, and empowers individuals to map their end-of-life journey through medical aid in dying.

The steadfast support from Colcom Foundation over many years has been instrumental in advancing the mission and impact of Compassion & Choices. Through Colcom’s generous funding, Compassion & Choices has expanded our outreach, education, and advocacy initiatives to advance end-of-life choice and care. Colcom’s financial support has enabled us to reach a broader audience, engage in robust public awareness campaigns, and provide resources for individuals planning for or facing complex decisions at the end of life. Colcom Foundation’s commitment to Compassion & Choices reflects a shared dedication to fostering a society where individuals have the autonomy and options to make informed choices about their end-of-life care.

Kim Callinan, President and CEO

Veterans Place empowers veterans’ transition from homeless to home, ending the cycle of homelessness, and assists all at-risk veterans to become engaged, valuable citizens who contribute to their communities.

Since 2018, Colcom Foundation has been a consistent supporter of Veterans Place, providing vital funding essential for the renovation of on-site townhouses. Colcom has also supported the construction of a new multi-purpose facility to expand services at Veterans Place. This new facility will increase the capacity to provide additional transitional housing, as well as introduces a wellness center and on-site health screenings for veterans in the community. With Colcom’s funding, this facility will become a beacon of hope, offering comprehensive assistance to those who have served their country selflessly. This partnership symbolizes a collective commitment to honor and support our veterans, ensuring they receive the care and resources they deserve.


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